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This contemporary dance class is based on the Patrons of Total Body Connectivity as formulated by Imgard Bartenieff.

Achieving greater sense of organicity and connectivity is the aim of this work, as well as to develop speed while preserving high level of detail in complex sequencing.

Floor work is the basis of this class; using the floor as dance partner that allows us to tune in to an organic architecture and to transition fluently through the vertical and the horizontal in a constant dialogue between support, impulse, point of departure and point of arrival.

The warming up proposes an in depth stretching from static to fluent phrases emphasizing on inter vertebral articulation.



A principal theme of the class is the Head and Tail connection. We work with this Patron of Total Connectivity for support and coordination in rapid focus and level change.

Weight is used as initiator of movement, as the drive force for renouncing oneself to effortless fluent transitioning from moment to moment.

Finally the work on Spirals initiated from proximal articulations or from the senses to generate a winding sensation in deeper muscular tissues, is key in this class for a richer experience of a tri dimensional dancing body.

Isabel Cuesta