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About Warm and Cold Latitudes


TANZLANDSCHAFT SUR was funded and directed by Isabel Cuesta Camacho as organization and network of South American artists and institutions from the contemporary dance field. Rooted in the same territory and common history, as well as being permeated by similar social problems and cultural context.


Although and precisely because the artistic education in contemporary dance comes from the European tradition, it is TANZLANDSCHAFT SUR's mission to voice and position a South American dance territory.



TANZLANDSCHAFT SUR generates space for research and reflexion on the artistic vision of South American dance artists, their aesthetic, formal and content concerns. It is a platform for the presentation and projection of their artistic work in Europe and South America.


Artists and thinkers of other disciplines are invited to take part of this network for reflection on the South American dance scene and its positioning internationally.


Other projects of the organization are the development of workshops and research labs on dance and choreography.

Isabel Cuesta
Isabel Cuesta
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